Building Community

Small:  We are a strong believer in the small of things. Going small allows us to listen deeply to the community and shift as we grow. Going small also creates an invitation for any person to take what they see and bring it into their community in their own ways.

Networks: We design for and believe in many-to-many networks.  By design, we create partnerships with nonprofits, organizations and individuals that take over our initiatives if and when they become sustainable in community, financially or both.

Inspire Trust

Listening: Part of going small opens a space for us to listen deeply to how people, communities and our partners respond to and engage with our initiatives. This allows to shift our work as needed.

Movement: We believe in movement and design our efforts so anyone in our communities can move in and out as their life moves up and down. We support the giving and receiving between community members.

Restore Value

Experience Based: We root into experiences so people have the opportunity to remember and reclaim the true value of things in their bodies and pay-that value into the community.

Gift Economy: A gift is a gift if it keeps moving. We believe there are many ways to be in relationship with gifts and keep them moving. From connections to ideas to money to material goods we support the giving and receiving of gifts within and around our communities, networks and even strangers.

About Nicole

Nicole is a generosity entrepreneur and community organizer, meaning she’s involved in and committed to many different efforts that highlight and replicate the good in the world. Some of her recent initiatives and commitment to service include founding this organization, Aloha Alliances, co-owning Walk2Connect, and supporting the dreams of changemakers through a gift-based organization Wild Dream Walks/ Dream Together.

The words of Albert Camus ring most true of Nicole’s work in the world, “Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”